Da Ponte. Compromiso medioambiental

Da Ponte. Environmental commitment

At Da Ponte we are very aware of the enormous environmental impact of the fashion industry, one of the most polluting. According to Business Insider (2019), the fashion industry produces 10% of total carbon emissions. Likewise, in addition to contaminating the oceans with microplastics, it is the second industry that consumes the most water resources. That is why we believe it is necessary to incorporate certain multidisciplinary solutions and alternatives that help mitigate environmental problems and reduce our ecological footprint.

Thus, following our firm commitment in the matter, in the coming seasons we will incorporate into our catalog new lines of products made with sustainable raw materials and through eco-efficient processes.

In this autumn/winter 2020 season, we have redesigned our bags for our physical store. Our emblematic bag, from now on, will be made of recycled paper and will maintain the natural color of the paper. With the latest measure, we have avoided the bleaching process, which is so harmful to the environment due to the excessive use of chlorine, among other chemical elements.

New Ecobag Da Ponte. Made from recycled paper.

At Da Ponte we have many motivations, but they must always be part of our user transparency policy. In this 2020, a large part of our efforts are directed at our digitization process, as well as our ecological transformation process. Thus, in this and subsequent campaigns you will be able to distinguish the sustainable and eco-friendly products in our catalog through the Da Ponte ECO seal.

An example of our commitment to the environment is our successful collection of masks, covers (mask holders) and safety lanyards. Apart from having the relevant Spanish (UNE 0065/2020) and European (CWA: 17553/2020) approval, presenting one of the most varied collections of designs and being one of the models that offers the most wash cycles, our collection of reusable masks to combat COVID-19 is respectful with the environment. These masks, covers and cords manufactured by FERCHI Spain have the "EPA" registration, the Environmental Protection Agency (USA), which grants approvals for active substances that are harmless to health and the environment. In addition, they are made in Spain, so they are also a sustainable product with our community.

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