The importance of a good mask - FERCHI and CARAMELO masks in DAPONTE

The pandemic caused by COVID-19, without a doubt, has jeopardized the social and economic development of our society. Our day to day life has changed drastically and despite the fact that we are beginning to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel with the long-awaited vaccine, many months will still pass until we achieve herd immunity and we do not have a high probability of contracting the disease or that we can infect our relatives. In addition, the new variants of the coronavirus are increasingly dangerous both in severity of symptoms and in their ability to spread. It is, therefore, necessary that we continue to protect ourselves by using approved masks, perfectly placed, in addition to frequent hand washing, social distancing, ventilation of rooms, the use of HEPA filters, daily disinfection of our clothes, etc.

At DA PONTE, all the masks that we offer both in our physical store and on comply with all the Spanish and European protocols and regulations. FERCHI and CARAMELO masks are leaders in the Spanish market in terms of value for money. They are manufactured in Alicante (Spain) and have the UNE 0065/2020 (SPAIN) and CWA: 17553/2020 (EUROPE) certifications. In addition to having the "ALLERGY UK" registrations, which means that it can be used by people with high allergic sensitivity, "OEKO-TEX", which is an international quality seal for textiles that are safe for health, and the "EPA" registration. , from the Environmental Protection Agency  of the United States of America, which grants approvals for active substances that are harmless to health and the environment. And to a greater extent, it also has the ITMA, future materials award for a product innovation aimed at UV-resistant mold protection for textiles. The result of the effort and investment in R&D that FERCHI has made is an optimal mask, with the following characteristics: A filtration efficiency of more than 95% (according to the UNE-EN 13274 standard) which would be equivalent to a FPP2, a breathability: <47 pa/cm (according to the UNE-EN 14683 standard) and facial adjustment: up to 96% (according to ISO 5077:2008). It is also resistant to rubbing (according to the UNE-EN ISO 12945-2 standard). In addition, with its 76 wash cycles at 35ºC or 60 wash cycles at 60ºC, it will save you a month and help us protect the environment. At DAPONTE, we offer more than 200 different models of FERCHI and CARAMELO Masks, with covers and safety cords also available. Discover all the models on our website, that is, here .

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