Aplicaciones recomendadas por Da Ponte: AirVisual, para los que se preocupan por la calidad del aire

Applications recommended by Da Ponte: AirVisual, for those who care about air quality

Today we bring you a free application that can become your perfect ally to improve the quality of the air you breathe. If you are one of the millions of Spaniards who lives in a large city such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Bilbao, it would not be surprising if you were worried about the uncertainty of not having a tool to know when you should wear a mask, the best time to exercise in the open air or when it is more advisable to have the windows closed. As much as the pollution beret is sometimes visible from the outskirts or is noticeable in a gray sky on days with a lot of pollution, it is only noticeable when the level of pollution is already very harmful to health. Airvisual, available for iOS and Android, is a program that works as your smartphone's default application for weather forecasting.

You can save locations, towns or cities or watch directly from a map. The different levels of contamination are given by colors, so if the application tells you that your neighborhood is green, you don't have to worry about air quality. If the warning is yellow, it recommends that if you are part of one of the sensitive groups you should reduce outdoor exercise and close windows. If the alert is orange, everyone should reduce outdoor exercise, close windows and wear a mask, and turn on an air purifier if available. Similar measures as in extreme cases when the alert is red, violet or purple.

The application apart from providing you with configured alerts, giving you information, forecasts and statistics on various polluting particles such as PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, SO2 or CO, and making the most relevant news from the regional or national news agencies, also perform an analysis of your exposure during the day, analyzing the air you have breathed during your time at home or outside (although it should be mentioned that this is an estimate based on outdoor conditions).

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