Aplicaciones recomendadas por Da Ponte: REDECOR, para los amantes de la decoración

Applications recommended by Da Ponte: REDECOR, for decoration lovers

Today we bring you a free application that you will love. This is Redecor, an interior design mobile game that will delight all fans of this hobby. Available for iOS and Android, and distributed by Reworks Ltd, it is the perfect application to, in a simple way, play at decorating interiors in a virtual way, exploring your creativity and improving your decorative arts. How does it work? It is very simple. The proposal of this video game is that on a blank canvas with a predefined arrangement of furniture we can apply different finishes, paints, fabrics, etc. to customize these designs in a thousand different ways. After finishing our work, the application will randomly match our design to that of other users to be submitted to the vote by other players. Depending on the result, we will obtain more or less virtual money to buy more finishes, paints or fabrics. We can also vote for more virtual currency. Luckily, it is not necessary to pay for virtual currency to win (what they call "pay to win").

In the game we will be able to create our profile where we will expose our works and we can see our results (in a very similar way to how our instagram profile works). It is true that it has certain flaws, for example not being able to search for our friends by our id. In addition, the number of designs that we can choose each day is limited and has an expiration date. And the defect that can most turn off a greater number of users, is still only available in the language of Shakespeare. However, this is a very original proposal among the vast number of mobile games that copy the same formula over and over again (like the thousands of copies of Candy Crush Landlord).

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