15 bolsos DA PONTE para 5 ocasiones en verano

15 DA PONTE bags for 5 occasions in summer

The bag is the main complement of a look. It is one of the most useful accessories and probably one of the things that attracts the most attention from your look, so it is important to never neglect this accessory. Today we bring you 15 bags for five summer occasions. You can buy all the bags in our online store.

3 Proposals to go to the beach

The most important thing about a bag to go to the beach is without a doubt that it has enough space for towels, swimsuits, flip flops, sunscreen and all the “porsis” we need. In this image we show you 3 bags from our collection that, because they are large, are no less beautiful and stylish.

3 Bags to go to brunch

A bag to go from branch is one that combines perfectly with most cocktail-type dresses, of a medium size to be able to carry everything you need on a day-to-day basis: keys, wallet, phone, makeup, toothbrush, etc. tissues, charger, etc. but at the same time it takes up little space and can be hung. These Jute bags from Simosastre and Eferri are super trendy, and are perfect for summer, and what about this round Caramel bag that is so original and elegant at the same time, also, having a flat bottom has no problems when placing it on any surface.

3 Backpacks to go camping

Now that the weather is coming, going camping is great to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air. The important thing about an ideal backpack for camping is that it is not heavy, has a lot of storage and breathes, so that it does not make us sweat during long walks. Our proposal is this Levi's unisex backpack made from recycled plastics, also super cheap. We also love this candy backpack in white or this silver iridescent silver Kangaroos backpack so on trend this year.

2 carrycots and a bag for a walk along the pier

Is there anything better than taking a walk along the pier or the coastal walk on a Sunday afternoon or during your vacation? We believe not. This Eferri bag and these sustainable carrycots from the Simosastre brand are synonymous with summer and combine perfectly whatever your summer outfit.

3 super useful proposals to go to the fair

Summer arrives and the fairs arrive. The most important thing to go to these events is comfort, that they are not bulky and that they are safe and have secure closures. These bags are ideal, super versatile and you will feel that you are not wearing them on top of how comfortable they are.

All these 15 bags are for sale on this website, in the featured bags collection. If you like one, take a look around here .

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