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J. Rodil Knife - Model 02 | Rodil

J. Rodil Knife - Model 02 | Rodil

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*Note: it will take approx. 1 week to receive your order, because they are handmade pieces made individually. We will send an email confirming the order and expected delivery date.

Knife of the house, 100% handmade, in bog wood and stainless steel blade, with a floral pattern. (Description below)

Sheet size: 10 cm.

Available in two materials: stainless steel and carbon steel.

Knife customization available by engraving your name on the blade for a supplement of 2 euros. We accept any first name, last name, company name, alias, etc. that does not exceed 10 characters and that is made up of the Spanish alphabet (the & symbol is also available). It will take us approximately 1 week to manufacture your personalized knife and in less than 24 hours we will send you a notification by email, or failing that by phone call, to notify you of the manufacturing period and the date that it will be available for shipment. Knives can be customized in both stainless steel and carbon steel, the manufacturing time being the same for both cases. WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE RETURN OF POCKETKNIVES OR KNIVES ENGRAVED WITH A NAME. Knives or non-personalized knives can be returned and are subject to the same conditions as other items. Please tell us in notes the name you want to use for personalization.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email to or, or call us during working hours at 648115385 only for orders related to razors or knives) or 982342309 (for orders for razors and knives or the rest of DA PONTE ONLINE products).

About J. RODIL - Master craftsman in the traditional elaboration of razors and knives

In a small village of Taramundi, the Rodil saga was born more than a century ago, master craftsmen in the art of making knives.

Respecting the most traditional methods and innovating in the designs, the artisan J. Rodil, a third generation of artisans, continues with this work, creating his knives in the Galician village of A Pontenova, a few kilometers from the one day that saw the birth of their ancestors.

More information about J. Rodil, its history, the artisan production process and the characteristics of the product at .

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