5 looks geniales DA PONTE para peregrinar a las 5 “Mecas” de la moda (cuando todo esto termine)

5 great DA PONTE looks to make a pilgrimage to the 5 “Meccas” of fashion (when all this is over)

Despite the fact that we have never set foot on its streets, there are cities that are in the collective imagination that house our deepest ambitions and desires, inspire us and we identify them with those lifestyles that we so long for. It is not surprising that these cities are centers of cultural production, engines of social change and, what interests us, cradles of trend effervescence in the fashion industry and home to haute couture houses. 

This post is not a standard style guide or a recommendation of tips when traveling to these cities that we love so much. This is an exercise in imagination, because no pandemic can end our desires.

Here we leave you with five DA PONTE looks that we have selected thinking about these five cities that inspire us so much, be it from movies, books, brands that were born in them or from past experiences. 

Paris, City of love, city of light, city of Grands Magasins, of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, either for its monumentality in every corner of the 20 arrondissements, or for the perfect combination of the classic and the avant-garde in each piece of design that the city houses. Paris is art, Paris is history, but above all Paris is the dream of millions of tourists who fly thousands of kilometers every year to fall in love in its streets, in its cafes or in its hundreds of parks. For this look we have imagined that we would take an apéro on the bustling Boulevard Saint-Germain on a Saturday afternoon in any spring month. We have opted for this short pink crepe dress with a bow at the back and a ruffled hem. It is undoubtedly a super romantic dress, very chic, and with a color that attracts attention. In addition, we have added these caramel-colored spring Indian ankle boots, perfect for long walks along the enormous boulevards of the French capital.

Milan , city of fashion, city of style, city of the majestic Duomo, of Prada, Versace and Armani.

It seems that in fashion it seems that Paris is a monster that absorbs everything, however, realistically, Milan is one of the few cities that in this industry can stand up to Paris. Milan is the financial center of Italy, a heart-stopping city, where everything happens quickly and where its inhabitants always seek elegance and perfection. Its temples are monumental, its cafes are elegant and its clothing brands are the pinnacle of craftsmanship and know-how. The Milanese dress as they live, with intensity. That is why we have chosen this look with the aim of sacralizing the strength that every woman carries inside. This blue dress from the Pepe Jeans brand with ruffles and a pronounced neckline is a statement of style. We can combine it with these wonderful, super cool and super comfortable military boots and with this hanging bag from the Spanish brand CARAMELO, which, like the great Italian fashion brands, creates true works of art.

New York , the city that never sleeps, not the capital of the United States but the capital of the world, the city of breakfast at Tiffany's and Vogue. 

New York is the most filmed city in history. In its streets we fall in love, we laugh and cry, many times without having set foot on any of its infinite numbered avenues. From New York we recognize its taxis, its traffic lights, its lampposts and its banks, although we have never eaten a dollar dog or drunk one of the famous cocktails in its nightclubs. In this look we wanted to transmit the grit needed to get into the taxi shouting: “follow that car!”, so we chose this jumpsuit from the Spanish brand Animosa, super casual but extremely cool, fresh and comfortable. Also, this yellow faux fur jacket looks great on her. Also, since we know that once in New York, the credit card will smoke on Fifth Avenue, we present this original wallet from the CASANOVA brand. 

London , city of the classic and the transgressive, city of Burberry and Canden Town. 

London is often the first foreign city we set foot in, and for many it means self-improvement. London is the challenge of speaking English, the challenge of fulfilling a dream starting as a dog walker or babysitter. Walking through London is now being in a Victorian neighborhood, only to step on the ground of underground culture right after. The style of the inhabitants is eclectic, so it is very difficult to frame or pigeonhole it. Londoners, when it comes to dressing, above all feel free to express with their clothes what they really are inside. That is why for this look we have chosen this screen-printed t-shirt  so rock, and these sneakers from the Pepe Jeans London brand to step hard on the cobblestones of the busy sidewalks of the streets of the British capital. Feel free my friend!

Barcelona , ​​international city, city of Gaudí, Miró and Dalí, city of Pronovias, Loewe and Tous.

Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities that the millions of tourists who visit our country fall in love with the most, either because of the city's dreamlike architecture, cultural effervescence or the immense number of Michelin stars. The Barcelona area, together with our community, Galicia, is home to one of the most dynamic fashion industries in the world. Its brands dress hundreds of millions of people, and the style of the people of Barcelona and its designers from all over the country make women fall in love with their unbridled, Mediterranean and colorful style. In addition, the city of Barcelona is home to some of the most prestigious leather goods firms in the world. We thought that this blue voter dress with tassel detail would be the perfect centerpiece for this very Mediterranean look. In addition, we combine it with these blue leather sandals and this original round bag from the Caramelo brand, which are a must this season.

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